Aim of the APWH is to prevent conflicts by developing a common structure and co-operation in economic and military affairs.

In case of upcoming conflicts it serves to keep up the dialogue between the members in order to avoid an escalation.

APWH Headquarters in Levitski, Sukha, Feniz
APWH Headquarters in Levyts'ki, Sukha, Feniz

The APWH was re-founded in September, 301. It is based in Levyts'ki, the capital of the Emirate of Ir'Sukha Id-Hochland in the Sultanate of Feniz.

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Flag of the APWH (design by Estontetso)

original APWH flag

(Flag of the old APWH)

All nations of the western hemisphere (0° W - 180° W) of Vexillium are invited to join the assembly as opposed to the old APWH which was open only to nations from Longerath, Smalik and the Western Isles, New Vexillium not yet having been discovered. (See documentation for an expert opinion on the definition of the western hemisphere.) Members are grouped in two so-called Panels, one for the Old Vexillium (0° W - 90° W) and one for the New Vexillium (90° W - 180° W), with a Presiding Secretary General each, while the affairs of the AWPH as a whole and the sessions of the plenum are lead by a Senior Secretary General.

The Western Hemisphere

Nations are permanently represented by ambassadors.

The panels generally meet once a month at the ambassadorial level and once a year at the level of foreign ministers, followed by a plenary session. The panels elect their respective Presiding Secretaries General, and the plenum elects the Senior Secretary General. The three Secretaries General represent the APWH between the sessions. In case of need, they may summon emergency sessions.

Member Nations

Modern / former seal to be displayed by Member Nations

Provisional Senior Secretary General:

(Sept 301 - 17 July 306: Red'Vieltut-Nix Agha, Royal Fenizic Ambassador)
from 17 July 306: Donald Farquarson, Caledonian Ambassador

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New Vexillium Panel

Provisional Presiding Secretary General:

Donald Farquarson
Caledonian Ambassador

Old Vexilium Panel

Provisional Presiding Secretary General:

Red'Vieltut-Nix Agha
Royal Fenizic Ambassador
The Kingdom of Caledon
(since 17 Sep 01)

Donald Farquarson
Caledonian ambassador to APWH

The Sultanate of Feniz
(since 16 Sep 01)

Red'Vieltut-Nix Agha
Royal Fenizic Ambassador

The Federal Republic of Allacoa
(since 8 Jan 05)

Dr. Jalia Omwayo
Ambassador to the APWH

The Burovian Realm
(since 16 Sep 01)

Mira Mallendes-Guurten
Realmsambassador to the APWH


have expressed their interest in joining.

The Federal Estontetsan Republic
(since 17 Sep 01)


    The Kingdom of Aethelnia
(since 04 Jun 04)


    Republica Ensolelhada
(observer since 01 Oct 01)


    The Lendosan Confederation

have expressed their interest in joining.

    The Trinian Empire

have expressed their interest in joining.

Expert's opinion on the term "Western Hemisphere"

offered by the Royal Christiana Cartographer
Christianshaven, 05 Feb 01

To the illustrious family of cartographic, geographic and mapping
institutions on Vexillium

Dear Sirs,

Some days ago, the term "Western Hemisphere" has been discussed in the
vexwide press in connection with the request of the Kingdom of Caledon for
membership in the Association for Peace in the Western Hemisphere (APWH).
Colleagues came to the conclusion that the Western Hemisphere must be the
part of Vexillium comprising Longerath, Smalik and Christiana. This opinion
was based on the device of the flag of the APWH which shows these continents
and islands. It was, however, mentioned that at the time of the creation of
that flag, the hemispere of the so-called New Vexillium had not yet been

Now, with the zero meridian just running between the above mentioned land
masses and the Old Continent, the land mases in question without doubt form
part of the Western Hemisphere. But with the New Vexillium having been
discovered in the meantime, we must take into account the land masses of
that hemisphere when defining hemispheres.

Thus, if we define the Western Hemisphere as that to the west of the zero
meridian, we have to count as part of it all islands and continents, or part
of those, lying east of the 180° meridian. Caledon is part of this
hemisphere as it borders the 180° meridian and streches to the east of it.

So Caledon cannot be denied the APWH membership on the ground of not being
part of the required hemisphere.

Yours most respectfully,

The first great challenge for the new APWH:
Levitsky 301/302 Glaciaria Congress

Glaciaria Flag

In 301 - 302 AP, several nations, under the auspices of the APWH, discussed new rules for Glaciaria where a conflict arose through Allacoa and the planned economic use of its Glaciarian territory, Guadacoa.

Participants have been:

  • Kingdom of Aethelnia
    Foreign Office
    Anne Marie Dalgliesh, International organisations secretary
  • BWA
    MIRA MALLENDES-GUURTEN, Realmsambassador to the APWH
    BWA Zvitniev, Solanchatka
  • Office of the Prime Minister
    Kingdom of Christiana
    Sir Christopher Blackmore,
    Professor of Environmental Science,
    an attorney and meteorological scientist
    Admiral Sir John Nelson, RCN,
    an authority on maritime law and naval history
  • Federal Estontetsan Republic

They worked out the following draft for a new Glaciaria Convention (the currently valid Convention is here):

WE, the Participant Nations of the Levitsky 301/302 Glaciaria Congress,

HAVING ASSEMBLED in the wake of the Guadacoa crisis,

CONDEMNING the use of violence in the pursuit of political goals,

HOPING for an end of all quarrels about Glaciaria,

WILLING to co-operate in a spirit of friendship,

REMEMBERING the former internationalized status of Glaciaria,

PREPARED to take responsibility for the future of Glaciaria and Vexillium,

WISHING to preserve Glaciaria as an important part of the vexwide ecology,

AIMING at a status for Glaciaria satisfying all nations,

DESIRING more fruitful meetings with similar catering in the years to come
<tech: nice ambiguity: more meetings or meetings more fruitful?>,

<tech: no less and - alas - no more, and see how cautiously chosen the wording>:


The sovereign rights of Nations on Glaciaria have to be defined by a New Convention, the principles of which should be developed by a drafting committee possibly consisting of representants of Utania and the GBR.


The following basic principles will be taken into consideration for the New Convention:

1. The political status of Glaciaria will basically remain untouched.

2. Nations not owning territory on Glaciaria at present will not be granted territory in the future
<tech: APM would then have to amend the rules>. Territory of Nations giving up their presence will fall under the administration of the UNV or an authority to be created for this purpose <tech: by means of a permanent caretakership>.

4. Nations owning territory on Glaciaria (NOTOG) have the duty to participate in the research into the ecologic impacts and contributions of Glaciaria to the overall climate of Vexillium.

5. Research and other scientific activities should not be limited to NOTOG.

6. Mechanisms to enforce the rules of the New Convention will not include military acts but only economic sanctions directly related to the violated rule.


A draft of the New Convention completed, a second meeting of NOTOG will have to be held in hospitable Levitsky full of fizz and caviar to finalize and pass the New Convention.


The New Convention should then be presented to the UNV for vexwide discussion and endorsement by the UNV General Assembly.


An International High Binding Tortuos Authority for Glaciaria (INHIBITOR AG) may be put up

(a) to administer international territories on Glaciaria,

(b) to co-ordinate the use of the continent, especially

(c) the research activities, not to forget

(d) the ecology and

(e) the climatology,

(f) to control the execution of the New Convention, and

(g) to propose and prepare eventual sanctions,

under a rotating presidency.

To this end, NOTOG are invited to volunteer for the contribution, manning and sponsoring of one division each, of INHIBITOR AG
<tech: mind you, 7 divisions for 7 nations>.

SIGNED in Levitsky, capital of the Ir'Sukha Id-Hochland Emirate of the Sultanate of Feniz, on the eighth day of the month of April in the tree hundred and second year after the Plague.

Stamp for the official mail of the APWH secretariates
(postage for overseas airmail - 3.50 camels)

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