The Ministry of Tourism and Environment is responsible for the development and maintenance of the touristic sector of the economy and the touristic infrastructure of Dascunya.

Dascunya is proud of a large variety of touristic highlights. The best-known locations are:

Templarianna, the oldest and one of the most beautiful regions of Dascunya Saint Hugues: Capital of the Kingdom of Dascunya in the beginnings.
Sunny Coast: The biggest touristic complex in Dascunya with long beaches in a hot climate
River Twans: Famous battlefield from the I Civil War
Yorque: The place where the monarchic army proclaimed its rendition in 12 AP, ending the I Civil War after 7 years
Hendenven, a beautiful state, with the north-west valleys and the southern grass fields Gradak: Famous battlefield from the I Civil War
Roselan, a rainy zone, rich in hills, woods and rivers Dauvinitz: Place of the negotiations table where the Republic and the Kingdom reunificated the nation; a beautiful middle age city on the banks of River Twoknaüs
Terrablanca, the highest state of the FSD with the highest mountains of southern Longerath Valgaun-3000 and Montanka-Weissmont: The famous ski ressorts
Hawadan: Beautiful city with ski-ressorts
Saint Paul and the Rosenvalley: The old capital of the Reign of Fenia, a historic location for the Fenis
Divana, the most developped region of Dascunya during the classic and middle age because it was influenced by the Liliani Empire; a lot of cultural currents crossed that regions. Drekan: First democratic Parliament in the history of Dascunya
Prayhë: Second largest city of Dascunya
Oldtrees: Famous battlefield from the I Civil War
In most cities and towns you can see a lot of palaces, cathedrals, castles, statues, monuments...
Uestadenia, a state in the tradition of one of the five original peoples of Dascunya Adnemar: Famous archaeologic museum
State of Danheim City of Danheim: Parliament building erected 170 under President Edgar Odemossian, Statue of Democracy created 282 by Robert Erikson
Petrogrod: Capital of the "Nation of Uhlan" 297 - 298

How to get there:

Dascunyan Airways is the prime airline to travel to and inside Dascunya. Other airlines:

dascunyaRAIL - The Dascunyan Railways make your travel a highlight of its own in terms of quality and reliability. A high-speed link to the luxurious Occidental Express is under construction and will add a touch of luxury.

dascunyaSEA - a group of shipping-lines providing ferries across the Dascunyan Bight and cruises from several countries to Dascunya


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