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This museum displays the relics of what once were the honourable Hochlandian armed forces - the Vojs'ko.

It is not meant as a glorification but as a simple inventory of the army Vexillium once had to fear of.

So it wants to help prevent wars for all future.

Follow the lily arrows and learn from the past!

The symbol of Hochlandian military is "Pizdets", a five-legged dog of destruction. Literally translated from ancient Slavski, Pizdets means Doom or the End.
According to the legend, Pizdets sleeps inside a snow-covered cave. If he is awakened, he brings all sorts of
disasters like wars and famine to the planet.
The sacred duty of Hochlandians is to keep him asleep. When the nation is at war, armed forces bring "pizdy" or the
wrath of Pizdets upon enemies.

(From an official description)

Levytski Border Guard
Newly commissioned "Khulera" missile
inspected by Cisarevych Romchyk
One of these weapon systems can be seen
in the court of this building.
Read more about Hochlandian forces
and their equipment.
Military symbology
Sleeve patch of
Sukha regiments
Sleeve patch of
Mokra regiments
Sleeve patch of
Naval regiments
Cisarevych Romchyk
during Hopnyky campaign
The Last Signal
From the Ministry of the Exterior
But we want to let all know that just because we are dead a
rses broke, we are not physicaly dead. We still have a so so Naval force, and those ships that have not been declared officially "kaputski" will try to stop any invasion from the sea. If they will fail to do so then all the sailors will be issued a tripple ration of kirschwasser and sink like heroes chanting "Bomben auf Phonicien".
Major I. Zlomynis
...and so they died.
We bow our heads
before every soldier fallen in the duty of honour
imposed onto him by his legal government.

We appreciate the duty done
and if any one deed of any one of these brave men
may have to be blamed
this blame be imposed onto his government.

We deplore every soldier's life given in any war
unnecessarily as wars are.

May future generations learn this and may our childrens' children once ask: «What is that, a war?»

Let us pray
for the lives of all fallen soldiers
and for eternal peace on Vexillium.






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