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zum Buch "Tagebuch-Fragmente aus dem zweiten Weltkrieg" von Herbert Schrödter

Die folgenden Inhalte ergänzen die Anhänge des gedruckten Buches.



in addition to the book Tagebuch-Fragmente aus dem zweiten Weltkrieg (Diary Fragments from World War II) by Herbert Schrödter

The following content adds to the appendices of the printed book.

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  • Appendix
  • Persons
    • 1940–1944 Staffing of Infantry resp. Grenadier Regiment 477
  • Locations
  • Organigrams
  • Organisation of Soviet POW Camps 1945–1949
  • Gallery: Photos, Maps, Documents
  • Specimen of a Red Cross Postcard
  • Orininal Manuscript: The Last 6 Existing Pages as Example of the Version Written Down in Captivity, with Tentative Trans­scription
  • Letters of Company Members to the Author's Father in 1946


Readers's Comments


Special Releases

  • Krassnoarmeisk March–April 1942
    • Overview of the source-based re-arrangement
    • Diary text in original sequence
  • Family Kaczkowski-Pollak and Jasło – A Quest for Traces
  • Awkward Ranks Explained
  • Sowjet Union and Geneva Convention
  • Ru.png Советский Союз и Женевская конвенция
  • Lv.png Pulkvedis von Gise un Grupa Gise (Gr. Oberst v. Gise)
  • Quest for Traces in Smolensk
  • A Family Sees War And Peace – Memories of my Mother and my Brother from Wartime in Kamień Pomorski (Pomerania), Flight, and End Of War in Warendorf (Westphalia)