The Personal Nation of Edward Mooney, Jr.

Cruisana Defense
Geographic Service

by Winfried Schroedter

The mission of the Royal Cruisana Defense Geographic Service:

To be prepared to defend its homeland and to help in humanitarian efforts worldwide, the Cruisana Defense Force (CDF) need - among other things - geographic information.

This information is gathered, prepared and supplied by the Cruisana Defense Geographic Service (vulgo Geo-Service, abbrev. CDGS)

The Head of the Cruisana Defense Geographic Service, the Chief Geographic Officer CDF, is member of the Cruisana Cartographic Council (CCC)

The Badge of the Royal Cruisana Defense Geographic Service

This badge was bestowed on the CDGS by His Majesty the King Edward II on 13.03.300

The Organisation of the Cruisana Defense Geographic Service

The CDGS Central Agency

See pictures of the Central Agency building!

Winfried as Lieutenant (Reserve), 1973 Chief GeographicOfficer, CDF
(rank: BR GEN)
Deputy Chief Geographic Officer, CDF
Chief Of Staff, CDGS Central Agency
Staff Divison Production Division Procurement & Supply Division
Policy Center Planning & Direction Center Situation Center
Personnel Section GIS*) Section
with ADP Management
Procurement & International Commitments Section
with Interpreter Service
Budget and Finance Section Cartography Section
with Printing-Office
Project Manager for Reorganisation Photogrammetry Section Consulting Section
with InterVexilliumNet / CDF Intranet Site Management
Geography Section
Geology Section M&C**) Supply Section
with Central Map Archives
and Central Map Depot
Geodesy Section
*) GIS = Geographic Information System
**) M&C = (topographic) Maps and (aeronautical and naval) Charts

No 1 Topographic Battery

Information Gathering Platoon Production Platoon M&C Supply Platoon
Survey Group Cartographic Group M&C Supply Group

See a picture of the Army map store!

Imagery Group Printery Group M&C Transport Group

Air Force Liaison Officer

Royal Naval Liaison Officer

Air Requirements Office

See pictures of the Air Requirements Office building!

Hydrographic & Naval Requirements Office

See a picture of the Hydrographic & Naval Requirements Office building!

No 1 Aerial Photography Squadron

attached to No 1 Air Transport Wing

Canberra as aerial photo aircraft of the German Bundeswehr Geographic Office (in service until early 90ies)

Hydrographic Research and Survey Vessel "Caroline"

attached to Fleet Logistics Flotilla

Ensign of (unarmed) Cruisana survey vessels

Liaison Officer and Lecturer at the Geographic Department of the Cruisana University Liaison Officer to the UNV
(not yet nominated and accredited)

Special Military Geographic Products

Production has not yet started, as the ongoing reorganisation of the CDGS calls for all capacities. The Printing-Office, for example, is regularly producing the actual organisation tables, phone books, and so on, which are being prepared - partially in night shifts - by the Cartographic Section, and distributed by the Supply Division to Ministry and Commands of the CDF.

King of Cruisana: Edward Mooney, Jr.

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