The Personal Nation of Edward Mooney, Jr.

The Royal Cruisana Cartographer

by Winfried Schroedter


The Royal Cruisana Cartographer (RCC) is responsible for the coordination of all mapping activities in the Kingdom of Cruisana.

Prevailant projects are:

Production and publication of topographic maps in addition to the Atlas Christana

Production and publication of the

Organisation and direction of the activities of scientific and mapping organisations, both civil and military.

Badge of the RCC

The badge of the Royal Cruisana Cartographer

State flag of the RCC

The state flag of the Royal Cruisana Cartographer

Cruisana Cartographic Council - CCC -


Winfried as Luftwaffe cartographer, 1996The Royal Cruisana Cartographer
Winfried as Lieutenant (Reserve), 1973Chief Geographic Officer, Cruisana Defence Force
Winfried (at the door) just having received his diploma as graduated engineer, 1980The Director, Geographic Department, Cruisana University

(right center, in front of the white-framed door)

The CCC has been founded to ensure a close cooperation between the main cartographic institutions in the Kingdom of Cruisana.

See the picture gallery of Cruisana Mapping, Charting & Geodesy!

The Office of The Royal Cruisana Cartographer

See a picture of the office building!

Liason Dept

National Relations
International Relations
Relations to International Organisations

Topographic Dept

Photogrammetry - Imagery flown by No 1 Aerial Photography Squadron - See a picture of the aircraft!
Field topographers

Survey Dept

Special & 1st order survey
Cadastral survey - See a picture of a field survey!

Cartographic Dept

Vexillium mapping
Cruisana mapping
Aeronautical charting
Naval charting
Map and chart archive -

Cadastral Dept

Legal Div
Books Div

ADP Coordinator

(Management of the RCC Geographic Information System -ROCCAGIS-)


Analogue products Digital products

Products are available on request.

King of Cruisana: Edward Mooney, Jr.

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